Thursday, 28 April 2016

We are Delighted to Introduce Our Members to Our New CEO

We are delighted to introduce our members to our new CEO, Mr. Harold Soto, serial entrepreneur and Executive Director of Hanson Group USA Finance and CEO of The Hanson Group of Companies & Investment in Panama.

Mr. Soto, who was nominated CEO in 2012 for his services to international trade, is a graduate of the UF having completed the Institute’s diploma in System Engineer. He takes over as CEO from Hanson Group Panama, who has managed to place the company in a strong position in the financial area, he has done an excellent work for the last three years.

We thank Harold for his significant contribution since 2012 as he leaves the Panamanian financial division in a strong position for the new board to build on the excellent work of the last three years and transferred himself to the USA to help move forward our Hanson Group USA division as new Director.

Mr. Harold Soto and our six new board of directors will drive the company vigorous growth over the next years to come and support our continued quest to promote professionalism in international trade. 

Below is a snapshot of the wealth of experience they bring to the Hanson Group.

Mr. Harold Soto
A board member of Hanson Group. Mr. Harold is also Chairman of Soto Import, SRL., Sail Smooth, LTD. and several vibrant businesses. They are international trade companies & financial consultant (networks and research) and a few others.

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